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In his work Harrie Maesen moved between extremes: from phantasy to reality and vice versa.

Sensitive to the time he lived in, he explored the relation between the inner and outer world through various worlds of imagination. The road he had to go with his art knew a 50 years' preparation of observation, discovery, and weighing. In the security of his own home he explored by drawing and shaping. Layer after layer was peeled off and excessive things thrown away. It was about penetrating into an essence, into an underlying structure or the deepest underlying emotion.
His works testify of a curiosity of the medium in which he expresses himself, just like its unprecedented control. This combination of inexhaustible curiosity beside technical ingenuity leads to a singularity of Harrie's expression. His works carry a promise.The promise of a different view on reality.

In 2010 Maesen visited New York. This lively city with its impressive architecture seemed apparently endlessly to be in motion and had a catalystic effect on his artistic development. The abstract lines of the fire escapes... The overabundance of classical facades... Everywhere he looked there was contrast and maybe a form of recognition happened here. Maesen took photographs of the fire escapes in Soho and manipulated them afterwards in such a manner that a new image arose, a new look on reality. During the creation of stairs Harrie Maesen seems to have come to fundamentally realize that no real truth can be found in reality. It is the personal experience that is of worth and gives things their singularity. When the borders between matter fade one thing remains: space. That is the connection.

The aim is to give my art a soul, evoking questions with the observer, to look at art in a different way and let experience a different reality.
To crown it all is when the observer can put his personal experience, feeling and story into my work and goes on a journey in his own unique realm of thought.(Harrie Maesen)

Through the autonomous power of Stairs reality can indeed be released and in the remaining space new connections can be made.

The promise had been fulfilled and an apparantly endless series of variations of the theme followed. It is a place where eternity and immeasurableness seem to come together and fade into each other and where the eternity he longed for but was not given to him, became reality.